Urban Cladding;
Introducing our new profile, Urban Cladding offers a modern design and pallet of colours that cater to a new generation’s pursuit for simple and elegant design.
Urban Cladding is manufactured in standard modules of 50, 30 & 20cm in length and 10cm in height. Urban Cladding offers a 3-D finish, perfect for your stone feature wall.
This profile is suitable for a DIY.
Vintage Ledgestone;
Our Vintage Ledgestone range offers an authentic looking stone, available in many colours. Vintage Ledgestone is manufactured in standard modules of 50, 30 & 20 cm in length and 10cm in height. Corner profiles are available in Vintage Ledgestone making it the ideal stone cladding for pier’s and column’s without the need for a mitre or grouting. The installation of this stone is simple and easy, popular with builders, perfect for DIY.
Classical Ledgestone;
For those who prefer a stone feature with a sharper detail, the thicker and raw appeal of our Classical Ledgestone may be the answer. This profile is manufactured in standard modules of 50, 30 & 20 cm in length and 10cm in height. With corner profile’s available across the range, Classical Ledgestone brings the beauty and appeal of stone into many designs and building applications which cannot be matched by any other building material.
European Castle Stone;
As the name suggests this profile is reminiscent of castles of ancient Europe, replicating these stones to perfection. Randomly sized, yet designed to give a perfect fit, European Castle Stone’s neat and tidy appearance compliment modern and traditional design trends. The variation in the thickness of the stones in this profile creates shadows that enhances the individuality of each stone. Grout-less installation, corner profiles as part of the range, stately and grand interiors and exteriors alike become a reality.
Mountain Ledgestone;
Offering a rugged and informal appeal with a rough texture and deliberate irregularity, corner profiles and a large pallet of colours Mountain Ledgestone has the ability to transform any landscape, interiors and exteriors alike.
River Rock;
Comfortable and timeless, randomly shaped, River Rock encompasses the warm and inviting look of river bed stones rounded by centuries of cascading water. The stones in our River Rock profile range in size from a 5cm diameter up to a 35cm diameter. With corner profiles to suit, River Rock can be used to accentuate many interior and exterior designs.
Quarry Stone;
The rugged look and feel of Quarry Stone complements any environment. Stones have been utilized by mankind to build his first home and wall since early civilization, Quarry Stone captures the beauty and texture of such stones remodelled to suit today’s architectural designs. Corner profiles and a rich pallet of colours compliment the Quarry Stone range.
Stacked Ledgestone;
Cast and manufactured from actual dry stacked Ledgestone, these stones are hand picked to remain faithful to natures creation. Stacked Ledgestone is for those who only settle for the real thing. Offering an extensive pallet of colours and corner profiles Stacked Ledgestone gives you the ability to create a lasting curb appeal.

Architectural Accessories:

Cap Stones & Pier Cap;
Our range of capping stones can add that finishing touch to walls, columns and piers. Manufactured in sizes to suit common Australian building practices.
Our range of sills are both functional and attractive, offering a finished detail at the top of a stone feature. Our sills are pitched and incorporate a drip edge to assist with water run-off.
Available in many designs and sizes, our new and innovative Florastone will deliver a touch of elegance and style to your home. Manufactured to the high standard as the rest or our range, Florastone is easy to install and virtually maintenance free for both interior and exterior applications.