Brighten up your fireplace with Craftstone

I’s that time of year and winter will soon be upon us, increasing the need to warm your home. So why not add appeal and elegance with
a fireplace made with the eye-catching CraftStone. Exclusively available in a range of colours and textures, CraftStone allows you to build your dream
fireplace including all the benefits of natural stone, without the hefty price tag.

CraftStone has already been chosen as the preferred product in many fireplace applications so far. The product has an array of other applications in new constructions and renovations. As well as fireplace’s, it is excellent for stone walls, as a landscaping element, an alternative to
cladding for external feature walls, and for interior feature walls and entries. “We offer many textures and colours and meet over a dozen of the
strictest code requirements, which give users a vast array of design options,” said Matt Reeder, Marketing Coordinator of Craftstoneoz. “When you combine such quality and choice, you’re going to have a winning product.”

Craftstoneoz have unveiled a new display at their outlets office in Blacktown NSW showcasing CraftStone. The external
display can be viewed every day, with an internal display also available during office hours. For further
information on CraftStone and the wide range of products available please visit Austech, one of our premium outlets.

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