New Craftstone Distributor in Orange NSW

orangetilemarketCraftstoneoz is happy to announe that Orange Tile Market in Orange NSW have become an authorised Craftstone distributor. Dave and his team at Orange Tile Market were eager to present the Craftstone range of products to there market place in country NSW. Dave was pleased with the initial customer appreciation for the stone products and equally pleased to see how excited his staff are to have a new product to learn about. Dave and his team at Orange Tile Market are located at 268 Peisley St Orange NSW, Phone 02 6361 7366 or

Craftstone comes with a 25 year warranty and has an extensive range of stone veneers available throughout our outlet network accross Australia.

Stack Stone Feature Wall now available in Perth

Craftstone is a product that has to be seen to be believed, combining the look and feel of real stone with the cost and simplicity of manufactured stone veneer. With the fast growing market for stone feature walls, Craftstone is now available inPerththrough the Austech office. John and his dedicated team are ready to assist you with your enquires for Craftstone. Click here for Austech Perth contact details.





Brighten up your fireplace with Craftstone

I’s that time of year and winter will soon be upon us, increasing the need to warm your home. So why not add appeal and elegance with
a fireplace made with the eye-catching CraftStone. Exclusively available in a range of colours and textures, CraftStone allows you to build your dream
fireplace including all the benefits of natural stone, without the hefty price tag.

CraftStone has already been chosen as the preferred product in many fireplace applications so far. The product has an array of other applications in new constructions and renovations. As well as fireplace’s, it is excellent for stone walls, as a landscaping element, an alternative to
cladding for external feature walls, and for interior feature walls and entries. “We offer many textures and colours and meet over a dozen of the
strictest code requirements, which give users a vast array of design options,” said Matt Reeder, Marketing Coordinator of Craftstoneoz. “When you combine such quality and choice, you’re going to have a winning product.”

Craftstoneoz have unveiled a new display at their outlets office in Blacktown NSW showcasing CraftStone. The external
display can be viewed every day, with an internal display also available during office hours. For further
information on CraftStone and the wide range of products available please visit Austech, one of our premium outlets.

Anytime Fitness Chooses Craftstone

Anytime Fitness apply CraftStone to a number of outlets throughout Australia

Anytime fitness, the global fitness franchise has chosen
CraftStone to be fitted as a feature wall to a number of its outlets throughout
Australia. There are now around 70 clubs Australia wide in just the two years
the franchise has been operating in the country. This is not the first time
CraftStone has been preferred by a high profile company. Craftstoneoz supplied the
fitness chain with different blends of CraftStone in an attempt to revamp and
redesign many of their Australian stores.

The CraftStone range offers many different colours, textures
and profiles including a unique corner system that eradicates untidy mitre
joints. The two blends from the Vintage Ledgestone series that were specified
for the project were the mocha and ocean mist colours. Craftstoneoz were more than
happy to partner with one of Australia’s fast growing businesses in delivering
them a high quality product, adding to the long list of satisfied Craftstone

CraftStone can be used in your next project. With the
elegance and beauty of natural stone, this product can be applied to a number
of scenarios, from an interior feature wall, fireplace, columns or even water
features to name a few. Its lightweight nature allows for ease of installation
and unique corner pieces eliminate the replica look that many other
manufactured stones have.

Craftstoneoz have supplied Stone to a number of commercial jobs throughout
Australia. View some previous projects or visit a site near you that will
demonstrate real life applications of the product.  [Read more…]

Subway Food Chain Use CraftStone

The Subway food chain has been one of the fastest growing franchises in the world with over 35,000 restaurants in 98 countries and territories. Craftstone supplied one of its premium products, to Subway in Ballina Northern NSW. An eye-catching feature wall was created using around 6m2 of Stacked Ledgestone Sunset from the CraftStone Australian range. Subway is another major international company that have decided to use CraftStone in their Australian stores as the innovative lightweight replica looks and feels like the real thing – without the price tag.

As the numbers continue to roll through to door at the Ballina outlet, the CraftStone feature wall has sparked interest amongst the public and finishes off the interior design with a touch of elegance. CraftStone is available Australia wide through our outlets. Visit the our website to find your nearest supplier. There are a variety of profiles and colours to choose from in the CraftStone Range to suit existing or new constructions.

CraftStone comes with a 25 year warranty so you can rest assured knowing you’ve purchased quality. Stacked stone, chosen by Subway, is one of the best ways to ornament a home without breaking the bank. To pull this off, stone cladding, a fashionable method used by many architects is used to add vibrance to a lifeless structure. Builders stack these stones to recreate nature’s natural stone walls seen in waterfalls and cliffs. Stacked stones are generally used for aesthetic purposes but they are also known to be able to last a long time.

To include CraftStone into your next project, whether it be residential or commercial, just make an enquiry to the team at Craftstoneoz. You can also view projects where CraftStone has been installed at

CraftStone Chosen for New Nandos Store

Nandos is one of the fastest growing franchises in Australia with nearly 300 stores nationwide. Newstead in Brisbane became another dot on the map for the Nandos group, with a brand new store opening in the region. Food Strategy, the specialists in architectural design for hospitality and retail outlets, then teamed up with Nandos. Food Strategy offers their services across Australia and New Zealand and this time were required in Brisbane to create the attractive interior of the new Nandos store. CraftStone was selected from the Australian range to be used as a feature wall. Around 12m2 of CraftStone Mountain Ledgestone Cabernet was as applied to the franchise store.

Mountain Ledgestone Cabernet is just one of the many colours and profiles in the CraftStone range. Available Australia wide through our outlets, the manufactured stone veneer captures the appeal and essence of natural stone and can be adapted to both interior and exterior applications. CraftStone comes with a 25 year warranty so you can feel at ease knowing you have purchased a quality product. Amongst the many benefits of the CraftStone range include a unique corner system that eradicates untidy mitre joints.

To learn more about CraftStone and how it can be applied to your next project visit Used in a number of commercial sites, we have supplied CrafStone throughout Australia to numerous residential jobs to be used as feature walls, fireplaces, chimneys, columns, pillars, retaining walls, water features, around pools and more.