Stone Veneer and Stone Cladding from CraftStone Oz

Since early civilization, man has recognized the use of stone as a core building product. In this Common Era the supply of fine natural stone is often scarce and limited.

Craftstone offers a great alternative to an otherwise limited range. Our profiles are inspired by history & natureĀ  whilst being re modeled to suit present applications.

Cast and mold from chemically improved lightweight concrete, Craftstone is a fine replica of natural stone, capturing even the finest detail that even on close examination these artificial stone veneers look and feel like the original.

The simplicity and elegance of Craftstone provides home owners, builders, architects, and designers with a wide design space and the ability to create a show piece.

As with all great designs, Craftstone plays an important role in transforming the landscape, bringing the beauty of nature right to your door step.